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Meet Tony

Tony Caine is one of Australia’s #1 High-Performance Coaches & Business Strategists, a former pro-athlete turned entrepreneur, business coach and author. He’s helped thousands of clients to transform their lives and businesses and achieve incredible success and wealth. He holds an MBA and has personally started, scaled and sold multiple million-dollar brands and is known for being one of the most Influential coaches when it comes to maximising success in everyday life and business.

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Tony’s coaching style is honest and authentic and he is obsessed with seeing his clients go to the Next Level in their Lives and Businesses.

Tony’s biggest skill is helping you get back in control of your work and life. As a client of Tony’s you’ll: 

– Significantly Increase your Energy Levels
– Make Better Decisions at Work and at Home
– Grow your Business or Advance your Career
– Increase Your Income
– Grow Your Wealth 
– Improve Your Relationships 
– Max out your Life

Balance - How to have amazing success in all areas of life.

In Balance, Tony Caine outlines how to maximise success in life and your career. Tony talks through his 4 Step methodology that has helped him and thousands of others to answer the ultimate question: How can I be happy and successful at the same time?

Based on Tony’s real-life experience with much trial and error, Tony outlines his formula to:

● Maximise your energy
● Build a successful career or business
● Grow your wealth and create a legacy
● Design a great lifestyle and enjoy amazing experiences

Balance is a guide that will give you the tools you need to take your life to the next level.

Business and Lifestyle Transformation Course 

How would your life change if you had a business that ticked these three boxes:

  • You enjoyed your work and felt like you were making a positive difference.
  • Your business provided you with enough money for you to live the exact life you want.
  • Your business provides you with flexibility and time for you to spend your days how you please.
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Strategic Planning Workshop - One Off

Who is it for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses with a turnover of $1,000,000 plus.

What you Get: This full day onsite workshop is split into 3 parts:

Part 1:
In the first session, we work with the owners of the business to design the type of life they want and what it’s going to cost them. We then know the profit we need to earn from the business. 

Part 2:
Secondly, we work with the executive team to determine the company’s strategy, its structure and the most effective way to achieve the highest possible performance and profitability in the next 6 – 12 months.

Part 3:
The third session is all about alignment! We work with the entire team on getting everybody on board with the company’s strategy.

Cost: $1,750 + Travel costs if required

Delivery Method: On- Site at companies premises.

Desired Outcomes
The outcome of this session is to give all the business owners complete clarity on the strategy they need to employ to grow their business, grow their wealth and improve all areas of their life.

Business Coaching - Ongoing

Who is it for: Small to Medium-Sized Businesses with a turnover of $1,000,000 plus.

Cost: $5,400 per month

What you Get: Tony will work with you and your partners in designing a strategic plan to achieve maximum profitability.

This is a 5 Step Process:

Step 1. Developing a Strategic Vision, Mission and Core Values.
Step 2. Setting Objectives and No BS KPI’s.
Step 3. Crafting a Strategy to Execute the Strategic Plan.
Step 4. Executing the Strategy.
Step 5. Evaluating Performance & Making Corrective Adjustments.

Delivery Method: Monthly Full Day Planning Workshops (On-Site)


1 on 1 Coaching - One Off

Who is it for: Business Owners and Executives

What you are going to get:

  • Create space for you to start seeing things more clearly and making better decisions
  • Help work through your current challenges
  • Strategies to grow your business and/or increase your employment income
  • A comprehensive guide to better manage your income
  • A game plan for you to get on top of your health

What you are going to walk away with:

A complete Game Plan and clarity of what you need to start doing with your life to take it to the next level and improve your:

  • Finances
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Earning Potential
  • Overall Enjoyment of Your Life

Cost: $300

Delivery Method:  1 Hour Zoom Call

Public Speaking

Who is it for: Annual Conferences

Cost: $9,500 Per Day + Travel

What you Get: Tony will rock the stage and motivate the attendees to take back control of their life to enable them to:

● Maximise your energy
● Build a successful career or business
● Grow your wealth and create a legacy
● Design a great lifestyle and enjoy amazing experiences

Delivery Method: Live On-Stage
Not Sure? Book an obligation free 15 – minute call with Tony to discuss your options.

Companies Tony has worked for and with:

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